US Department of Veterans Affairs - VISN 15

Construct Behavioral Health Clinic - Robert J. Dole VAMC

Structural Foundation Repairs - Robert J. Dole VAMC

Expand Primary Care - Robert J. Dole - VAMC

Renovate Laundry Linen Area - John J. Pershing VAMC

US Department of Veterans Affairs - VISN 8

Renovate Psychiatric Ward 5d - Malcom-Randall VAMC

Site Preparation for Fisher House - Malcom-Randall VAMC

Construct Geriatric Clinic - C.W. Bill Young VAMC

D/B Correct Storm Water Deficiencies - C.W. Bill Young VAMC

Asbestos Abatement Building 2 & 36- C.W. Bill Young VAMC

Fisher House Painting - C.W. Bill Young VAMC

Design Build Horseshoe Pit - C.W. Bill Young VAMC

Replace Chilled Water Loop - Lake City VAMC

Replace Pumps and Piping - Lake City VAMC

Asbestos Abatement Floor Tile - Lake City VAMC

Emergency Water Damage Repairs - Lake City VAMC

Removal of Lead Based Paint in CEP - Orlando VAMC

Install Fire Suppression - Cape Coral VAMC

US Department of Veterans Affairs - VISN 22

Renovate Replace Corridor Lights/Ceiling - Los Angles VAMC

US Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans Benefits Administration

Roof Assembly and Lightning Protection System - VA Regional Office - Bay Pines Florida

FEDERAL healthcare Construction specialists

US Department of Veterans Affairs - VISN 23

Outpatient Consolidation/Dental Addition - Central Iowa VHCS

Site Preparation of Radiology - Iowa City VHCS

Police Room Renovations - Western Nebraska VHCS

Capabilities Statements:

1681 Success Drive

Cantonment, FL 32533 


ESA South, Inc.

US Department of Veterans Affairs - VISN 16

Renovate Building 57 Canteen - Gulf Coast VHCS

As a Health Care Construction Company, ESA South understands that Health Care Facilities have unique requirements. We view our Health Care construction projects as a partnership In order to meet the unique needs of the facility. Communication and coordination is absolutely critical

ESA will provide an infection control manager that will work alongside the construction team, project manager, and safety manager, to quickly install containment barriers, perform sensitive demolition and remediation, maintain air quality, perform air scrubbing using HEPA filtration, create negative pressure rooms, clean, disinfect, as required.

ESA South is a Qualified Asbestos Abatement contractor that has experience with the infectious control needs for the Hospital and various other environments. A growing body of research has established the potential for construction activities to facilitate the transmission of infectious diseases.A systematic approach based on assessment and planning can effectively manage these issues. The overall approach relies on pre-construction assessment, management of HVAC systems, and aggressive use of a variety of barriers.