ESA South is an experienced USACE contractor.   The Project Quality Control Plan conforms to the requirements of the USACE CQC standard and spec sections for project specific Quality Control Plan requirements. We ensure quality results by planning the resources, processes, and controls necessary and by removing avoidable risks. When risks are unavoidable, we take a proactive approach to tightly control the process to prevent errors.  Furthermore, we are ready to respond quickly and effectively to any quality issues to minimize the extent of the problem and to prevent similar incidents. 




ESA South, Inc.

CVE Verified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small-Business

N· Ability to provide leadership in partnering

  · Low EMR & DART Rates for the past 5 years

· Multiple task order capability   · Superior Management and Quality Control Programs  




Our goal on every job is to ensure that all work is completed safely, with appropriate tools, equipment, and methods as is implemented in complete compliance with OSHA 1926-1910 and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Safety and Health Requirements Manual (EM385-1-1). 


ESA South’s Team is composed of personnel and subcontractors with extensive experience in the catastrophe response. We are adept at mobilizing to areas with differing levels of regulatory oversight, infrastructure, and customs. We are accustomed to deploying into unknown and unusual circumstance and having to improvise solutions in order to be successful. At the highest levels in our companies are individuals experienced with database administration, workforce management, recruitment, project management, quality control, safety enforcement and certified payrolls. 



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